Monday, November 29, 2010

HVAC: Don't Let Winter Steal From Your Pocketbook

The driveway is not the only thing outside of your home that should be cleared of ice and snow.  Here's a quick tip that most homeowners are not aware of:  It's imperative that you clear snow or ice from your HVAC unit.  

The outside HVAC units, especially heat pumps, must have a clear area of at least 3' around the unit to work effectively.  If the unit is covered in snow or ice, it needs to be removed otherwise the unit may not work properly.  Before removing snow or ice turn the thermostat to Emergency Heat or off completely.  A cheap and effective way to remove snow or ice from your outside HVAC unit is to pour warm or hot water over the unit to melt the ice.  Repeat until you are able to remove the snow or ice with a rubber tool, and avoid using sharp objects to pick or knock off the ice.  This could cause damage to your unit requiring a costly repair.  Hey, it also is not safe for you either, especially in the elements of winter.

Happy Holidays from your Reliance Home Services team!

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